Un anniversaire surprise mémorable avec Pablo et le photobooth Burddy

Balloons, cakes, candles, rhinestones and glitter, you get it, these are the basics of the birthday party. Are you looking for an original idea to celebrate a loved one’s surprise birthday but don’t know how to stand out to please them? Do you know that a 20/30 or 40-year-old person’s birthday is not celebrated in the same way, but you lack inspiration? You want to organize an original party? Party people, your quest ends here! Discover right away the secrets of a party that your guests won’t soon forget!

The theme night, a classic that works!

If you’ve made the decision to throw a surprise birthday party for someone you don’t know very well, I hope you’ve put on your Sherlock Holmes costume because you’re going to need your detective skills to determine which theme party will be appropriate. For starters, ask yourself the right questions. What’s his favourite style of music? What are his passions? Does he have a favourite accessory? All of these questions will help you establish a guideline that will make your evening a success for sure!

Let’s take the favorite accessory as an example. Imagine the amazement of your friend arriving at his or her birthday party and seeing all the guests dressed in his or her style! Evening photos look very promising.

The weak point of the theme party is that it requires the involvement of all the guests. This is why the organization should not be taken lightly! On the other hand, the great advantage of choosing a theme for your evening is that it inevitably brings people together around a common theme. It is the ideal time to meet people and share a moment of conviviality. We have, of course, a few ideas for a theme that are out of the ordinary to propose to you.

The beach party

Grab your swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen as you will rarely get to a beach party in the middle of the night. You will have understood it, the goal of this evening is to put a little sunshine in the life of your guest of honor with an unusual look.

Grab a few deckchairs, beach towels, an umbrella, buoys and you’re done. The decoration should be simple and offbeat, you can add a few designer lights and some fruit as decoration to give your evening a tropical spirit that will bring warmth for sure.

As far as music is concerned, we recommend you to start the evening in a rather zen way (ukulele, acoustic guitar…) then to continue on more electronic tracks like “Vamos a la playa” when the evening will be in full swing!

Tip: Don’t forget to take a swimsuit (or even several) for the star of the evening who, obviously, hadn’t planned to undress for the occasion.

If you think that your guest doesn’t particularly want to see his/her grandmother in a swimsuit on his/her birthday but that he/she enjoys more rhythmic and somewhat retro evenings, then the guinguette evening is the place to be!

The guinguette evening

“I’m talking about a time that no one under the age of 20 can know…”

Pay attention and take notes because the theme of this evening promises to be full of twists and turns! The guinguette evening is meant to be simplistic and straightforward. Lanterns, refreshments bar, gingham tablecloth, beret or accordion, here are the essentials to seduce your guests.

I hope you don’t plan to sit around all evening because you’re going to need impeccable cardio to keep up the pace. Dance is indeed a major point of the so-called “guinguette” parties. It aims to be jovial and rhythmic by proposing convivial and dynamic dances.

For decoration, we recommend decorating your tables with checkered (gingham) tablecloths and serving tasty but simple food (sausage, pâté de campagne, cheese…). The accordion is the essential instrument to get your guests on the dance floor (if you don’t have one, Spotify will do the trick).

It’s also the perfect occasion to pull out your best suspenders and a beautiful beret! For you ladies, we recommend a fashion must-have across the generations, namely the polka dot dress.

The fancy dress party

Contrary to the two previous themes, the fancy dress party allows you to be more inventive about your clothing choices. This theme is one of the most popular in France for birthday parties and is a hit with guests. Indeed, you are free to disguise yourself in whatever you want: Daenerys Targaryen, King Kong, Homer and Marge Simpson… The possibilities are endless, so why not get together with friends and family to represent the Adams family, the Griffins or the Kennedys?

As for the decoration or the choice of the playlist, you are also free! For example, you can decorate the place like the famous Friends’ apartment!

Rent a photobooth for an unforgettable surprise birthday party

We saw earlier the importance of having a theme for your party but don’t forget that a birthday party should be organized first and foremost to share unique moments with the people you love. As a general rule, a party photographer should be appointed who will have to sacrifice some of his time to take pictures. Luckily for you, we have a solution for you so that everyone can enjoy the evening without having to bend over backwards to keep track of the event.

Does the photobooth mean anything to you? This easy-to-use photobooth allows you to offer your guests high quality photos in instant printing. Appreciated by young and old alike, the photobooth allows everyone to find all the photos of the evening in an online gallery. No more fighting for weeks to retrieve photos taken with another camera! Bring some funny accessories (glasses, moustaches, hats…), a corner decorated for the occasion and let’s go for the show!

You are now ready for the organization of this surprise birthday party. Remember to tell the guests as early as possible so that everyone can plan the necessary disguises. And for a memorable surprise birthday party full of memories, consider renting a photobooth :

  • Extra entertainment for young and old!
  • The opportunity to seize every moment in excellent quality without breaking the bank.
  • Souvenirs for all the guests, and nice pictures to hang (in a nice frame or on your fridge, we let you choose 😊)